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Welcome to the doggyverse where Kung fu powered Fleas live, love and fight in the vast lands of the dog. Play as Bruce Flea, his teacher Master Chan or his enemy Master Kill Flea on four stages 

1. The Dojo

2. Club Oderous

3. Chowtown

4. Many Flea Temple

5. Marketplace

Still in final development adding special effects to each character's special moves and final input matching to moves. to those who support the project... Thanks.

here's a breakdown of the player controls

Player one and two
w- Up

Player one 
1. T- Punch combo
2. Y- Elbow combo
3. U- Kick
4. G- Kick
 The there are combinations of the wsad buttons with the punch kick buttons to create additional moves.
Special move

Player two
1. 8- Jab
2. 9- Punch
3. 0- Launch Kick
4. I- Kick

In the final stage of finalizing textures, Special moves, gameplay, lighting, music and the first couple of platforms.
Any questions please ask.


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