Double Dragon meets Hobbs and Shaw in this Action packed 3d beat em up. Play as Victory (a legendary superhero) or as the renegade angel Brutus (also known as Brutal because of his extreme hostility to his victims). as you fight to defeat Eric Chambers and stop his plans to bring forth the Nephilm (inter dimensional beasts that would destroy the world if allowed to enter.)

these levels are a taste of whats to come. Robots, zombies, more mercenaries and gangstas and oh yeah politicians too. Punch and Kick your way to save the world and have some fun along the way.

Beautiful graphics
Stylish fighting sequences
Tough AI
Adrenaline pumping music . from Daniel Gooding
and much more smash em bash em action to come.

The game input is set to Joystick controls so hook up your game controller and get busy.

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arcade beat up

Thanks for playing. Still got glitches to work out like the enemies landing out of bounds and the player hit force is too high. i brought it down with better results. Gonna update it in the next 48 hours.